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Buying Fresh Beans

If you want superb and fresh coffee all the time, be sure to use fresh coffee beans anytime you brew. You should also ensure that you only buy roasted beans, be mindful of using these within a given period; preferably two weeks or less.

Coffee is a perishable product that will only last for a short period, after which it will start losing its quality. Just like your local coffee roaster, we aim to provide you with the best coffee available. Ensuring people flock to have a taste of your amazing coffee.

The UK market is slowly responding and leaning more towards quality coffee, evidenced by the changing coffee culture. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you will match the market by serving excellent quality coffee. Being the leading company in the UK in the distribution of coffee machines, R & R Coffee Supplies will ensure that you get the best deals in the market.

R & R Coffee Supplies is an experienced wholesaler of coffee machines, offering unbeatable prices. R & R Coffee Supplies will install and give full training on using the coffee machine as part of our service. Our extensive range of equipment means that there will always be something for everyone no matter what you need for your cafes, coffee shops, offices, restaurants and all other venues.

Wholesale Coffee Bean Suppliers

R & R Coffee Supplies have a wide range of wholesale coffee beans. You can contact us to discuss our types and styles of coffee. See below for a brief description of some of our wholesale coffee beans.

Mokarabia DECAF

If you want to supply an excellent decaffeinated coffee, then Mokarabia Decaffeinated Italian coffee beans are a superb choice. It is a premium grade 100% Arabica coffee beans washed using the Swiss Water Decaffeinated method. These beans produce a full-bodied decaf coffee with a luxury mellow Italian roast coffee. It is a fantastic coffee without caffeine.

Fairtrade Coffee

Our Fairtrade coffee is an outstanding coffee that is certified as having been produced to fair trade standards by appropriate fairtrade organisations.

Fairtrade creates trading partnerships based on dialogue, transparency, and respect to achieve more significant international trade equity.

Espresso Coffee Beans

The difference between espresso and is all to do with the preparation method. It starts with the beans and coffee roasters. Coffee beans that have been designated for espresso are roasted for a much longer time than beans used for drip coffees.

Espresso coffee beans are much more delicate ground and have a texture more like sand than the usual gravel texture of regular coffee.

Espresso Moka Beans

Coffee made from Moka Beans are usually 2 - 3 times more concentrated than a regular drip-style coffee.

Espresso shots from Moka Beans are often 5-8 times more robust than a traditional type of drip coffee. These shots tend to be full-bodied, very intense and full of flavour.

Freshly roasted beans

R & R Coffee Supplies is a family-owned business whose aim is to provide you with the best quality speciality coffee. We aim at supplying carefully sourced and freshly roasted beans to ensure a premium taste.

We take into account different taste profiles and provide a variety of coffee blend depending on the demand and seasonal availability of coffee.

Add value to your brand with a new blend of Coffee

It is the dream of any brand owner to grow their brand; we will give you guidance on how to blend the best coffee available. With quality coffee, your customers will have a reason to come back.

You will be able to stand out from the crowd and carve out your market share, which is instrumental in expanding your brand. With this, you will see your profits skyrocket. By working with us, you will be able to serve quality coffee to a population that is realising the need to being served with the best coffee available.

R & R Coffee Supplies provide espresso machines and other coffee-related accessories at great prices and discounts to suit your style and design. We have in-house engineers whose wish is to give you precisely what you need in terms of technical support. We also offer luxury teas, sundries and chocolate.


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