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It is a product of the UK, which is one of the highly popular manufacturers of both cappuccino and espresso coffee machines.

Every machine comes with its steam tube and hot water facility to help in steaming and frothing milk.

Both have substantial capacity boilers. And they come with high powered elements which are handmade with the best standards using more exceptional stainless' steel, brass and copper.

Their working surfaces, hot and steam water' tubes are 304' stainless steel, coated with chassis of Zintec powder in a more appealing' metallic anthracite. You can choose side panels of stainless' steel for a more luxurious finish.

Cup shield and espresso tray come as standard on luxury models and are available as an optional extrokaa on all other models. Case, waste and cup tray are all made from stainless steel 304 with easy clean steam tubes.

Group Bambino Coffee Machine Features

A top-quality copper boiler which is heated by multiple looped elements.

Automatic water level system with a probe, electronic control unit and solenoid valve.

A bodied brass group with; stainless shower plate, solenoid valve and high-pressure pump.

Thermosyphon circulation ensures the group is kept consistently hot for perfect coffee making.

Hot water and steam are released by rotating the valve handle on the solid brass valves.

120mm clearance on 2 group machines. 1 group machines have standard 110mm clearance.

Brass safety valves separately control the pressure of water and steam.

A triple contact pressure switch controls the pressure.

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