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Fracino Commercial Coffee Machines

Fracino is proud to be the UK's award-winning manufacturer of the commercial industry's espresso and coffee machines that are currently available to purchase from CS Catering Equipment and a few other stores across the country. These coffee machines are expansive in their collections and model range, meaning you won't struggle to find a model that suits your commercial environment.

The founder Frank Maxwell became fascinated with a coffee machine he purchased in the 1960s whilst holidaying in Italy, so much so that he gained inspiration for the Fracino company and began curating and supplying coffee machine equipment to a vast amount of retail outlets.

To this day, Fracino is known worldwide, especially in the United Kingdom, for creating and manufacturing coffee machines in varying models that have won many awards for their immense quality and skill of craftsmanship from highly-skilled engineers.

Over the years, they were remodelled and assembled to suit numerous different parts of the catering trade, from high-street coffee shops to mobile caterers. They have a successful reputation due to their innovation, usability and flair. These coffee machines are manufactured using high-grade stainless steel with state-of-the-art production, so their immense popularity makes sense!


A standard Contempo model proudly presents a stainless steel or brass finish that gleams a beautiful polished chrome to reflect a stunning modern style, yet is a timeless focal point for those at restaurants, bars or cafes. 

Many contemporary Contempo machine tubes can either be electronically or semi-automatic controlled.


The Romano is a fantastic creation and supplies the perfect fusion of high-quality technology for long service life and excellent style. 

Its machine features offer a contemporary design that you can find in 2 or 3 group versions or categories, allowing you to pick which version best suits your environment facility and aesthetics. 

Each model of these machines provides three valves; two steam valves and one hot water valve. Components like valves allow for maximum efficiency throughout busy environments or venue sites.


The Bambino is known as a 1 or 2-group espresso machine that produces exceptional quality coffee with incredible value for money and offers electronic or semi-automatic options. 

The latest technology manufacturing systems provide bespoke branding and are a great opportunity for unique UK-created cappuccino and espresso coffee machines. 

Bambino gives customers innovative designs using British materials combined with top-class coffee creation skills and incredible production methods.

Fracino Espresso Machines

When it comes to quality, speciality coffee, many people may think of the traditional espresso, and the only way to curate the best one is with a high-quality coffee machine. The creation of a perfectly crafted flawless espresso incorporates a mixture of art, science and great skill; however, it also requires a beautifully, intricately created machine designed to withstand years worth of rigour from your commercial environment. 

A Fracino machine is manufactured throughout Britain to impress with its stunning award-winning aesthetics. Every machine harnesses Italian-inspired coffee expertise and ensuring British craftsmanship to the fullest extent. There is a wide range of machines catered towards different locations and occupations, predominantly the mobile catering and catering trades.

Dual Fuel Powered Coffee machines.

For those companies searching for the best of both worlds in terms of coffee roasting production benefits, look no further than a dual-fuel coffee machine for the best quality.

Dual-fuel coffee machines allow customers or clients at companies to utilise gas and electric power to power their machinery where necessary in your business's working day. Francino's is one of the UK's leading manufacturers and is dedicated to supplying only the best for coffee excellence. Such machinery utilises Butane, LPG or electricity, which gives it high output capabilities. 

Many companies offer free delivery on various models of these coffee machines. Its unrivalled selection enables different environments to choose the one that best suits their company or property needs. For those that need coffee machines in their office, coffee shop or factory building, we highly recommend Fracino.

Gas Powered Coffee Machines

Coffee is essential to many people, so we understand the desire to have it inside your professional establishment, anywhere or everywhere, which is why R & R Coffee Supplies offers a wide range of gas-powered coffee machines to suit your preferred power methods and property regulations. Such units offer customers an exceptional quality of hot coffee without any need for mains electricity or direct access to it, combined with tank-filling capabilities that don't require a mains water connection.

Fracino is an industry-leading mobile option for gas-powered coffee machines, meaning food vans and mobile coffee shops typically prefer it. They provide the same level of power output found in electric-powered counterparts without being hooked up or plugged into a mains power. Fracino takes pride in their constructed machines being some of the UK's most powerful coffee machines worldwide.

If you require the perfect commercial coffee machine for your restaurant, hotel or bar, you can find the perfect machine for your requirements by following the link below.


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