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Though there have been different methods to brew coffee, the basics still are quite the same. The coffee beans first need to be roasted, then grounded, added to a machine or a container, and then finally, hot water is poured. Coffee making is as simple today as earlier, but brewing the beans has changed a lot, making the process a lot easier?

Selecting the best coffee machine to attract more and more customers through the perfect aroma that these devices help you create, not forgetting the great taste, of course. There are so many options available as far as espresso and coffee makers are concerned, which can easily make you a brewing master. Each time you make a perfect cup, be it lattes, cappuccino, or other coffee types. R & R Coffee Supplies are the leading suppliers of commercial coffee machines for your cafe, restaurant, office, pub coffee shop or for personal use.

Different Types of Coffee Machines

There is a vast choice to select from whether you need a professional coffee machine or a small, simple one, and these are used in cafes, hotels, bars, or any other place. While selecting your coffee machine, do not forget to give importance to an auto-fill water boiler or a tea urn as well.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Our bean to cup machines are a popular choice for offices. Our machines are user friendly, and there is no need to train your workers on how to use these coffee machines. They are perfect for quick coffee breaks. There is no need to queue and wait to be served. The device does all the work, dispensing large volumes of delicious coffee in a short time, maximising productivity in the office. These machines can also have various coffees from cappuccino, espresso, latte and many more. 

Filter Coffee Machine

Whenever you smell the aroma of freshly made filter coffee, you inevitably are drawn closer instantly. A similar spell will be cast on your customers when you invest in such a device. We have many options available, including popular brands such as; Marco, Buffalo and Bravilor.

Our filter coffee machines are an ideal choice when bulk drink options are required. They offer a quick turnaround for coffee with milk or black coffees. These machines are perfect for offices, restaurants and cafes.

Espresso Coffee Machines

If you want to make a perfect cup of espresso every time, you need the best espresso machine. So make sure you invest in the best device to get the best results for your customers.

Machines: These are among the most popular types of coffee machines for commercial businesses because they are versatile. In the majority of cases, espresso coffee is the base for all other coffee drinks. These traditional espresso machines require ground coffee. We supply a wide range of ground coffees. We also have a range of coffee bean grinders.

Coffee Bean Grinders

When you grind coffee the right way, you get the perfect aroma and taste. To ensure you achieve this, you need the best coffee grinders, and some of the choices we have for you include Santos, Fracino, and more.


After you have made a perfect cup of coffee for your customers, you would want them to enjoy it fresh, hot, and rich. To make this possible, you must invest in percolators. You have many percolators from various brands to select from, including Hatco, Buffalo, and Caterilite, and so on.

What are the best commercial coffee machines?

Group Bambino Coffee Machines

The Bambino is a high quality 1 or 2 group espresso coffee machine. They have electronic or semi-automatic options and are of outstanding value for money. Our Bambino machines provide an excellent opportunity for bespoke branding from the UK's only manufacturer of espresso and cappuccino coffee machines.

Novo Quick
Filter Machine

These quick filter machines are ideal for locations without a water connection. They are filled manually and can be placed anywhere for delicious coffee. 

The Novo machine is supplied with one glass decanter to hold 1.7 litres of filter coffee.

We stock a wide range of coffee machines for smaller cafes and venues. A Novo Quick Filter machine is ideal for ready-made filter coffee, or you might want a Bambino coffee machine that offers different styles of coffee. Call R & R Coffee Supples to discuss your needs and requirements. 

Traditional professional coffee machines are espresso machines, often known as a barista. These traditional machines are used widely in restaurants and cafes. 

These commercial machines are designed to produce high-quality coffee consistently throughout the day. It doesn't matter how busy your cafe or coffee shops get per day.

Depending on the cafe's size and how many cups of coffee you want to produce, you can choose from one of our Bambino range or Bean to Cup varieties. Our team are on hand to discuss our vast range with you and will always offer the best of advice and information.

The amount of power your commercial coffee machine uses depends on the size. The majority of espresso machines will use less than 3000 watts. It enables them to run off a 13 amp plug, so 3000 watts divided by 240 volts of electricity are 12.5 amps.


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