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Semi-Automatic or Fully Automated

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  • 05-03-2021
Semi-Automatic or Fully Automated

Should I Choose Semi-Automatic or Fully Automated Coffee Machines?

When it comes to purchasing a regular coffee machine, the whole process can be a complicated one. However, when you buy an espresso machine, the process is even more complicated. Many businesses are left asking: should I choose semi-automatic or fully automated coffee machines? We look at the benefits of each type of machine.

Finding the right high-quality appliance for your business is vital. Let's be honest; you want the best coffee machine for your business at an affordable cost for your finances so, if you have decided that your coffee shop requires an upgraded machine or whether you are just starting in the coffee shop world.

You want all the advice and information you can find on the different coffee machines available to purchase. It can be quiet a minefield. 

Do you go for a semi-automatic, fully-automatic or even a super-automatic coffee machine? Is your business extremely busy with a large footfall of customers? or is your business quieter with a steady trickle of customers throughout the day? 

Depending on your answer, it should help with the decision you are making. The busier your coffee shop, the quicker you need your coffee machine needs to be to keep up with supply and demand.

While there are many different espresso machines, semi-automatic and fully-automatic espresso machines are the most popular. But precisely what are the differences between them, and how do they work?

What Is The Difference Between a Semi And Fully Automatic Espresso Machine?

In brief, a semi-automatic type of machine will take a lot of the guesswork out of brewing espresso coffee. Your Baristas grind the coffee beans, tamp and attach the portafilter to the device. The coffee machine takes care of the rest. A Fully-automatic machine will take it one step further; they automatically control the volume of water pushed through the coffee grounds.  

In truth, the type of espresso machine you decide to buy will determine the control system used to make all the different coffee styles you plan to sell in your coffee shop.

So let's have a look at the differences and benefits between semi-automatic and fully-automatic espresso machines.  

Benefits of Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines:

Semi-automatic machines were invented by Gaggia, an Italian barista, in the 1940s. These espresso machines are convenient and user-friendly. It's predecessor, the Piston-style coffee brewer, could not offer.

These espresso machines have an electric pump. They will generate a guaranteed 8-9 bars of pressure, which is the optimal range for brewing great espresso. As its name suggests, you still have some work to do with a semi-automatic espresso machine before starting to brew coffee. You have to tamp and grind the coffee, so it fits appropriately into the portafilter. Once you have attached the portafilter, your espresso machine will continue with the brewing process of a shot of espresso. A semi-automatic machine is what many baristas have the most experience using.

These machines are the most popular type of home brewing machine and are usually the option most affordable. These semi-automatic machines also have the option of brewing cafe Americanos or tea.

Benefits of Fully Automatic Espresso Machine: 

A fully-automatic machine is similar to a semi-automatic espresso machine. The only main difference between the two espresso machines is that a fully-automatic device has a one-touch brewing system. 

All the barista needs to do is turn the machine on. The fully-automatic machine controls the volume of water that is pushed through the ground coffee. Once the pre-measured right amount of espresso is brewed, the fully-automatic machine will automatically stop.

Fully-automatic machines used in commercial coffee shops are an ideal option for baristas that have to multitask. It gives them the opportunity of doing other things, like preparing several drinks at once while serving and chatting with their customers.

Benefits of Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

When it comes down to quality, both fully and semi-automatic espresso machines are very much on par with each other. The main advantage semi-automatic machines have is cost. They tend to be more affordable than fully-automatic machines. The selection of fully-automatic espresso machines for the use of homebrewing is also somewhat limited.

As well as semi- and fully-automatic espresso machines, you also have a choice of a super-automatic device. These espresso machines take a further step by having the advantage of an added burr grinder. The barista uses one button, and the super-automatic machine will grind the espresso beans and brew a delicious, fresh coffee. The barista also has the option of serving customers many different drinks from macchiatos, lattes and cappuccinos.

In brief, a semi-automatic machine takes a lot of the guesswork out of espresso brewing. Grind the beans, tamp the grounds and attach the portafilter. The semi-automatic machine takes care of the rest. A Fully-automatic machine will take it one step further by automatically controlling the volume of water pushed through the coffee grounds.

While both fully- and super-automatic machines are incredibly convenient, they both come at much costlier prices than a semi-automatic espresso machine. 

If you require a commercial espresso machine and have the budget, then the added convenience may be worth the extra expense. But a semi-automatic machine is a smart option for the average espresso-lover.  

Which is the Right Choice of Coffee Machine for me?

Which is the Right Choice?

You can either opt for a semi-automatic or fully automated coffee machine. Semi-automatic machines help you prepare a good coffee cup, but they do not come with a built-in grinder. So, while making coffee, you will have to grind and tamp the beans separately and froth the milk yourself.

However, if you choose a fully-automated machine, you will be able to produce a perfect coffee cup each time and that too fast and without efforts. You need to add the ingredients, press a button, and your aromatic cup of coffee will be ready in no time at all.

To make you the perfect brewing master, we have many different types of coffee machines to offer, and each will be a great addition to your cafe or any other eatery.

A commercial coffee machine is essential, and equally important is to select the right one. You would not want your customers to keep waiting for long, and nor would you ever want to serve them an imperfect cup, so make sure you choose from the fantastic selection we have.

Whether you want to replace your old coffee maker with a new perfect one or you are just opening your restaurant or cafe and want a fantastic coffee machine so that you can win the trust and love of your customers. 

We can help you find the best tool for your needs from the many fabulous choices that we have.

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